March 26, 2010

A Win Win Situation

Oliver is one lucky pup. Last week he was at the Regional Center for Animal Control and Protection, unsure of what his fate would be. Today, he is up for adoption at Angels of Assisi, but you won't find him in a kennel on Campbell Avenue.

Oliver is a loving foster home, with a family, toys, a nice bed, and a great yard to play in. He goes places to get exposure for adoption, and overall is one happy pup. Oliver is lucky that he made it out of the shelter, especially since he is a pit bull mix. He is also very fortunate that he is in a foster home, instead of the adoption center. As hard as we try, living at Angels of Assisi is not the same as a loving home.

On the flip side, the family that adopts Oliver is also very lucky. He is working on crate training, potty training, house manners, and walking on a leash. He gets along great with other dogs. He is wonderful with children. These are things that are learned in a home, and will make his transition to his adoptive family much easier.

To those who foster, Patti, Chris, Wendy, Amanda, Deb, Diane, Kim, Melanie, Jenny, Anita, Inglath, Tonja, and Robin to name a few- you all rock. Thanks for doing the hard work, the daily grind, and for being the unsung hero’s in saving the lives of these pets. We don't tell you often enough how much you are appreciated, but you absolutely are.

PS- be sure to visit Oliver's web page here



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