March 23, 2010

Networking Works

Last April, Faye from the Franklin County Animal Shelter gave us a call. "Lisa, honey, I am out of room and have got to get these 2 Walker Hounds transferred so we don't have to put them down. I can drive them up to Roanoke and be to Angels by 3 this afternoon."

And I said, "Ummm, uh, OK!"

Walker was one of the hounds, described as a "big ole' country boy with a sweet personality". Most likely he was a hunting dog reject, an unfortunate but common problem after hunting season. He made quite a few friends at Angels of Assisi, but no potential homes. Spring turned to summer, summer turned to fall, and Walker was still with us.

Thankfully, friend, dog trainer, and late night email warrior Melanie Schlaginhaufen asked her contacts at Lost Dog and Cat Rescue if they would have room for Walker in their program. They did, and Melanie drove him up a few days later.

Below is Walker's profile at Lost Dog and Cat Rescue, and we could not agree more:

Walker is a lovable lug who loves everyone he meets. He particularly loves all other dogs and plays beautifully with dogs of all sizes. Walker was a shelter favorite and had a special volunteer who came weekly and took him to dog park outings, so he is prepared for city life, dog parks and all! Walker is crate trained and good in the car would be fine with kids, though he might knock little ones over in his excitement. Walker has a big booming voice, but doesn't use it unless he is chasing a squirrel up a tree or gets very, very excited while playing. He is just a very, very nice dog who is looking for a very, very nice family to love him.

A few weeks ago, Walker's new family found him, and he was adopted.

From hunting dog reject in Franklin County, to Angels of Assisi in Roanoke, to Lost Dog and Cat Rescue in Arlington, Virginia, Walker is now home.

In the rescue world, journeys like this are not uncommon. Networking and a willingness to work together make for many a happy ending. We have seen it numerous times starting in Franklin County with awesome volunteers like Melanie, Anita, Jenny, Diane and Inglath who work very hard to save homeless pets.

Thanks everyone, for helping dogs like Walker find a new place in life- even if it means taking that good ole' country boy and turning him into a city slicker.


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