March 21, 2010

Figuring it Out

Prince was turned into Angels of Assisi last week. Like most of the animals that enter the adoption center, he is trying to come to grips with what's happening and figuring out if this is the place he is supposed to call home.

With a few days under his belt and some kindness of staff and volunteers, he'll settle in and get to know the daily routine. Our biggest wish for all the pets in the adoption center is that this "figuring it out" stage is a short one, and a quick stepping stone to finding the place that they truely can call home.

A special thanks to Vickie Holt for the photo


  1. This is the most beautiful picture. It should be shown as representative of the Doberman breed... showing them as the loving family members they really are. If you own a dobie, you know this picture captures their love.

  2. Prince is my buddy now! Thank you to Angels for everything. He is truly a great dog and is now best friends with my Dal. They run in the yard and play all day long. He is a big goof and has settled in great. He is already a favorite at my vet's office because he is so gentle. Thanks again.