June 11, 2009

Mama Hound

Mama Hound arrived to be spayed at our regular clinic, with a pregnant belly so big it was literally inches from the ground. The Angels of Assisi staff all gathered 'round her to marvel at her big belly, and a little voice spoke up and said "ummm, I'd be happy to foster her if we can let her have the babies".

So, instead of a spay surgery, she had a c-section. Because of her poor condition, only 3 of her 17 (!) babies survived. Mama Hound has the most laid back nature, she never asks for anything, and is grateful for any small amount of attention and kindness that comes her way. It makes us wonder... was she a playful, energetic pup? Looking at her soulful eyes, it seems doubtful she ever could have been carefree.

Mama Hound is now enjoying her time in a loving foster home, and we are hopeful she will find her true place in life soon. Maybe she'll even figure out how to play with a toy...