May 22, 2009


Flower- where do we even start with this girl? As a puppy, she had her ears cropped with a razor blade. After several months at Assisi, she was adopted by a great family. Unfortunately, due to the economic times of the this year, she had to be brought back.
She is a prime example of the sweet nature of a Pit Bull. The staff often lets her hang out while they do the daily laundry and cleaning.


Snuffles was rescued with 30 other cats from a home that just had too many. Her owner was trying to do the right thing, but got in over her head. We were afraid the 13 that came to Assisi would be anti-social and very sick. Thankfully, they are the friendliest cats we have come across in quite a while- and beautiful too!

We were able to house them all together in our brightest, most cat friendly room in the building.

A special thank you to Bedford County Animal Control Officer Harmony for caring enough to help out the pets in his community. He is the best!


Bobby is a rescue dog who was victim of a "free to a good home" ad. She came to Assisi with this wound on her nose.

We discovered that she gets very anxious and barks a lot when she is left alone. Obviously, the people who got her for free could not tolerate the barking and tied something around her nose.

Bobbi has been adopted to a wonderful family; one of the members of the family is in a wheelchair and was looking for a little dog to sit on his lap. No more anxiety for this girl!